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  1. Darrell ReimerJune 16, 20106:15 am

    Where do you even start with this? The clause “to protect the housing market” is outrageous enough, but throw in “un-American” and you’ve upped the ante considerably. I’ve always hoped that “American” was somewhat akin to “salvation”: a continual process, worked at with fear and trembling. Mine is not the popular view, apparently.

  2. pdbJune 17, 201012:50 pm

    That expression un-American is loaded, innit? I don’t know that the quotee means so much by it — I suppose he just wants to say turning right around & unconstructing buildings goes against normal expectations, against what U.S. development/real estate culture knows how to deal with — but you can’t help thinking he’s said more than he intended.

    As to your suggestion about ‘American’ & ‘process’: I’m reflecting.

  3. pdbJune 17, 201011:29 pm

    More on that unwieldy problem, the U.S. housing market, from CNN.

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