q. i. f.?

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  1. BausDecember 1, 200912:05 pm

    Of course, the wrong turn has already been made. Government is utterly incapable of delivering these physical and social goods. It’s not just a dream, it’s a nightmare.

  2. pdbDecember 1, 20094:31 pm

    All I got to say is it’s a good thing nobody takes me too seriously, a damn good thing.

  3. pdbDecember 1, 20094:52 pm

    See, the thing is — . . . oh, never mind.

    : )

  4. pdbDecember 1, 20095:02 pm

    It’s clear to me now that we’re just never going to see things eye to eye, Baus.

    Somebody stop me! : )

  5. EnbrethilielDecember 8, 20099:38 am


    Now I want to throw all my powers of argument behind Baus . . . just for fun.

    Let me know when you’re ready.

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