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Flannery O’Connor by Jesse Hamm

Just came across (though it appears to have been around forever) this illustrators’ site. Have a look: eye candy for book lovers.

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  1. Darrell ReimerMarch 25, 20104:14 am

    Interesting to note that Kurt Vonnegut and Hunter S. Thompson inspire the most portraits, with Hemingway coming in a close second.

  2. pdbMarch 25, 20102:21 pm

    Vonnegut, Hemingway, & Twain are together in 2nd place for portraits. (One of the Vonneguts refers to the fiction, not the man.) One wants to say this just confirms what we knew, that moustaches in particular & male hairiness in general are inherently fun to draw. Why there should be only one Nietzsche, though, if that’s so, perplexes.

    Actually, I believe, Hunter S. Thompson comes in 2nd in the rankings if you count Harry Potter. But the drawings seem to make it clear which is the greater boy fantasy.

  3. Darrell ReimerMarch 25, 20105:13 pm

    My mistake: William Burroughs is in the lead with seven portraits — he who was hairless for most of his career.

    And when I saw Frankenstein I figured I’d best steer clear of “characters” and stick to authors.

  4. pdbMarch 25, 20107:02 pm

    Oops, missed Burroughs. — There’s a lot to look at there.

    The Frankenstein drawings do pull the whole thing down a bit.

  5. DarkoVMay 7, 201011:29 am

    What a Great Find. I was scrolling for Nick Hornby; hopefully someone will post their take on him in the future.

  6. pdbMay 8, 201012:00 am

    Delighted, Darko. Hornby is quite an omission. Especially considering his features: you know he’d be a fun one to draw (lack of hair notwithstanding!).

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