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Stephen Fry, Big Think interview

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  1. DarrellJune 26, 20124:43 am

    “That’s a male Evelyn, by the way.” Had to be said, I suppose.

  2. pdbJune 26, 20128:52 am

    Or maybe didn’t. Possibly he just likes the sound of his own voice saying Evelyn. (And who could blame him?)

  3. pdbJune 26, 20128:59 am

    I don’t know a lot about Wilde. I’d supposed him not just unlucky but mired in the Victorian intellectual & ethical soup, at least, and probably an individualist to an unwholesome degree. I wonder if he ought to be set on such a high pedestal.At any rate, to experience the generosity attributed to him here would be a remarkable thing, no question.

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