q. i. f.?

Adrian Tomine
Brooklyn-based comics creator and illustrator, notably of New Yorker covers.

Alain Dodier

Annie Wu

Bill Bragg

Bilquis Evely

Fiona Staples

Gerry Alanguilan

Greg Smallwood
Currently drawing Moon Knight.

Jason Latour

Jerome Opeña

Jillian Tamaki

John Paul Leon

Jonathan Edwards
Long-time illustrator for The Guardian and others.

Joshua Middleton

Lauren Tamaki

Lee Bermejo

Linnea Sterte

Maëlle Doliveux

María Castelló Solbes

Matt Rota

Michael Cho

Michael Gaydos

Miles Hyman

Olivier Coipel

Patric Reynolds

Ricard Efa

Ronald Wimberly

Sara Pichelli

Toni Fejzula
With John Arcudi and André May on Dark Horse’s Dead Inside.

Tonči Zonjić

Wendy McNaughton


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