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Starting to fool around with the candidate’s faces just a little.

I’ve wanted to do this for months; I’ve been saving clips here & there from magazines & so forth. There’s been no shortage of inspiration, only of time & attention.

The fun in caricature, for me, isn’t first in send-up but in study. It’s in discovery of a face, a personality, by drawing. (In the case of Obama, a face with all sorts of obvious visual appeal.) Much as I envy great cartoonists their work, I’d really rather essay little things on paper like this for my own interests, though I have no hope of mastering the subject, than be on call as cartoonists are to appropriate public figures’ features for their audiences’ consumption.

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  1. JeremyNovember 3, 20087:41 pm

    Cool. I am a philistine in all matters artistic but I like it.

  2. GardenerMarch 31, 20117:44 am

    thanks, good article.

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