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mosaic tile, the little black dress of the bathroom

A way of putting it that would never, ever have occurred to me. From Remodelista (which I glance through faithfully every day via email subscription), yesterday’s ‘roundup of baths with black tile flooring’.

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  1. Darrell ReimerApril 24, 20092:05 pm

    A “little black dress” that wasn’t at all attractive 30 years ago — when our shampoo bottles were all made of glass. Back then fiberglass was it (showers, tubs, you name it) and shag rug was not an uncommon bathroom material. Mosaic tile is relatively easier to clean, but presents other difficulties. I’m not completely confident we’ve made Bathroom Progress.

  2. pdbApril 25, 20097:56 am

    Nor I.

    But then at least we’ve turned back from the shag-rug nadir — for good, one has to hope. (Yeah, I remember some of that too.)

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