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nyc subway sketch


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  1. JulieDecember 6, 20167:25 am

    I love this sketch, and your story that goes with it. I could picture the sleep-deprived stupor of travel, and the looseness and soft focus of sketching a stranger. It reminds me of Walker Evans’ subway photos from the late ’30s, early ’40s. The connection to humanity, the compassion. Keep sketching!

  2. pdbDecember 6, 201610:51 am

    I discovered Evans’ series not that many years ago, at a shindig at Marian Glebes’ home (I think you know her), looking around her third-floor studio. Wonderful thing! that series — and yes, does something to your experience of subway travel, I think, or can anyway. He leaves you with perhaps permanently heightened awareness of sharing the space — of the car, but also of the city — with these faces and their situations, of not being at the moment just a subject oneself in transit from A to B.

  3. pdbDecember 6, 201610:52 am

    Thank you, by the way. I hope the sketching will keep happening.

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