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Change is bad

Alright, not bad. Somewhat predictably fraught with annoyance, let’s say. WordPress threw me for a bit of a loop with a version step-up — version 3.9, evidently a big one. After install, it looked like I’d lost the slew of little typographical and other tweaks to the layout I was using until yesterday — all the tweaks that made it feel okay, or like mine anyway. As it turns out, I was wrong; the tweaks weren’t lost. But I didn’t figure that out until I’d gone to some trouble for a new simple starting-point layout. Hence the alterated look here. I’m going to work with it.

— update —
Changed my mind, went back to what I started with. I like it. See comments.

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  1. Darrell ReimerApril 20, 20149:28 am

    Sounds akin to my stretch with Linux OS, especially Ubuntu. Every upgrade was an enormous PITA, to the point where I was never sure any improvement had in fact taken place.

  2. pdbApril 21, 201412:48 am

    I’m thinking the pain of the process you underwent there makes the pain of this look like pleasure by comparison. I like the idea of abandoning Mac & Win, but not sure I have that kind of fortitude.

  3. pdbApril 21, 20145:45 am

    Annnd never mind. I’m not going to get into another round of customizing right now. (Not that I don’t enjoy tweaking.) What I had — ‘Blogum’ — works well for present.

  4. DaveJune 5, 201410:14 am

    Darron, I really like this new look for your blog.

  5. pdbJune 6, 20143:22 am

    Thanks Dave!

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