q. i. f.?


[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bBBZ-2PzSgY&w=280&h=160]

San Francisco Jazz Collective, Superstition

hey, 3 comments
  1. ChrisApril 4, 20115:25 am
  2. ChrisApril 4, 20115:35 am

    Btw, joking aside, this is frickin awesome! Many thanks for posting.

  3. pdbApril 4, 20116:40 am

    Yeah, I like it a lot.

    No mice here, but the producer is manic Jack Conte, whose ‘videosong’ collaborations could be said to have something of Python spirit about them, at points anyway. Are you familiar with Pomplamoose by any chance?

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