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Alright, I’m going to stop posting drawings here on the front page for the most part, I believe. If I’m drawing more these days, it’s to be encouraged, and I’m encouraging myself by making a place for that stuff — where they can just be sketches or what have you without all the explanation. (Unless explanation’s called for, in which case there’ll be a corresponding post here, let’s say.) Some doodles and so forth that have appeared on this page are going over there too, with the thought that it’ll be fun to see how things have evolved / are evolving.

Last night I arrived in New York City not for a few days’ visit, as on other trips up to see Susannah over the last two years, but to stay. I start work at Build With Prospect, a worker-coop design/build firm in Brooklyn, on Monday. Performance-oriented builders being rare animals and small-business building companies that are also worker co-ops being rarer still, there’s a good deal more to be said about this employment move. But that’ll wait; that’s really ‘Work Notes 2015,’ and I haven’t covered 2014 yet. The thing to be remarked on here is becoming a New Yorker. I don’t have much to say about it, though. I haven’t got my head around it in the least. Not sure I entirely believe it’s under way, let alone that I should know what it means. Lord knows I never looked at New York as a site of arrival until very recently. I’d never even visited the city until two years ago (almost exactly, this weekend) when I came up to meet Susannah for the first time, though I’ve lived a short few hours’ drive from all this all my life.

Anyway, here I am.

It’s not exactly news now, of course, but I’ve only learned with release of the first issue today that there’s a new H.B. series. (Being drawn by a first-rate artist, too.) This series is noteworthy particularly in that it seems set to pick up with story material never thoroughly developed in the twenty years these characters have been in print, presenting H.B. once again as American superhero fighting monsters, now in the middle rather than at the end of the twentieth century. How about that? I can’t help taking it as a little bit of a challenge to find the thread of my occasional thoughts on the subject and return to them. It’s going to be some months before I read any of this new stuff, probably, since I don’t buy until issues (in digital form) go on sale. But I’m basically interested in what Mignola’s raised or suggested with what he’s already done, anyhow, more than in what he’s going to do next. There’s plenty to talk about as it is, without new material. This new material definitely is a nice prod to get back to it, though, if I can find the time.

I started this blog mostly out of wanting to get a handle on, and engage with other thoughtful people out there about, my sense of purpose (not to say vocation — but we’ll put that off, again, for another time) as a creative person — a sometime student of art & design, occasionally a working designer/illustrator, a (still, at that time) would-be architect. The blog’s name reflects that.

wait, there’s more.

Alright, not bad. Somewhat predictably fraught with annoyance, let’s say. WordPress threw me for a bit of a loop with a version step-up — version 3.9, evidently a big one. After install, it looked like I’d lost the slew of little typographical and other tweaks to the layout I was using until yesterday — all the tweaks that made it feel okay, or like mine anyway. As it turns out, I was wrong; the tweaks weren’t lost. But I didn’t figure that out until I’d gone to some trouble for a new simple starting-point layout. Hence the alterated look here. I’m going to work with it.

— update —
Changed my mind, went back to what I started with. I like it. See comments.

I’ve been feeling the limits of my ability to make good use of Facebook lately, the last year or so. I use it daily — as listening post, as vehicle for conversation, as opportunity to keep up with people I otherwise wouldn’t very well, as opportunity to get to know people I otherwise might not. It’s good for all those things, exceptionally good in some ways, and I mean to go on using it as long as it serves. No real quarrels with Facebook. But its generalness is a problem sometimes — perhaps especially for a natural generalist (and generalizer) like me.

I’ve recognized for a good while, too, that this site — which I’ve always been reluctant to call a blog, since I’m no diarist or habitual writer — hasn’t been much suited to the life I actually lead. That’s owed partly to the way I set it up in the first place. I’d deliberately made it inflexible, thinking the confines would encourage me in certain hard-to-define creative paths. It wasn’t altogether a bad idea, where I saw myself several years ago. Life has moved on, though, and the site must adjust. Or why keep it?

I keep it because I keep thinking it has its uses. One of the things I need here is a tool for turning the fruit of the media listening I manage to do, ‘social’ or other, to productive ends. Or a tool different from Gmail and Evernote, let’s say. Something in between these primarily private info-management resources and the public space of social media — bounded, but at the same time outward & communicative.

So I’ve given up the old look (mostly) and abandoned Textpattern (which I liked and learned a good deal from) for the greater convenience & connectivity of WordPress. And the look may yet change abruptly again; that’s part of the point of WordPress convenience. How I’ll get to the adding and dividing of life & work ‘content’ in the near-term, I’m not certain yet. It may continue to seem kind of haphazard around here. I mean, not everything has to change.

I haven’t given up on this — this blogging, if that’s the term, or this idea of letting yourself be exposed in/to many strands of conversation that blogging, among all popular forms of public & semi-public journaling & interaction over the Web, seems the best expression of. I accept, though, that I can only make so much of this. I’ve imagined more for it, and I can see the potential in it for more — for being stretched further, for discovering more of the wide world of ideas & things, for enjoying better my own little part in the world. But this project is never going to be much more than the lightly attended, modestly expressive exercise that it is now. And that is, you know, okay.

Cleaned up the About page a bit, finally, a month or two ago. The Etc. pages still need a good overhaul. I’m not sure what to do with them right now, exactly.

Elsewhere on quareidfaciam.net, I have set up a basic site for my carpentry & remodeling work. (Last year, my reader(s) may recall, I took a job with a company in the up-&-coming residential energy efficiency trade; I & that company turned out not to be good fits for each other, unfortunately, and I went back on my own a few months later. It’s been rocky, unfocused since then. Starting to even out, though, and I’m still watching the home energy market fairly closely, more or less from the sidelines.) The site is purposely low-key, low-‘design’, personal. That could change, I suppose, but for present needs it feels about right to me. Content throughout is inadequate &/or incomplete, but I’m settling for relatively clear & functional.

I have hopes, as ever, of resuscitating the drawing habit — not yet dead, but pretty weak — and allowing that to come to light here.

Going to start playing a little with the space to the left there, I’ve decided. Maybe nothing more than the occasional sketchbook trifle like this one. We’ll see what there’s time for. At any rate, another order of fooling around is in order.

Thanks for looking in on me. I’m at work again on the site. New inclinations & ideas, new tools. Please do check back.

This new site setup is a modfied version of a brilliant template developed by Vladimir Agafonkin for the site management package Textpattern.

— Paul

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